Dallas Museum of Art

sound art

From cheerful clapping to screaming sirens: an artist captures the sounds of a pandemic

A crowd-sourced project by Yuri Suzuki at the Dallas Museum of Art aims to "connect people through the sonic experience" during the coronavirus crisis


How medical experts helped curators discover the hidden secrets of a Senufo helmet mask

Spectral CT scans enabled the Dallas Museum of Art to identify unknown elements in the West African piece

Art market

Patronage without pretension abounds at the 2019 edition of the Dallas Art Fair

The 11th edition of the Texas fair boasts cats, cacti and a sense of community that has some dealers returning after a hiatus

Museums & Heritage

Dallas Museum of Art boosts Latin American focus with new curator and acquisitions

The museum aims to show the diversity of the region, where art and cultures have mixed for centuries


Dallas Museum of Art acquires Derick Baegert panel, a first for a US museum

The Descent from the Cross is the museum's first acquisition backed by the Marguerite and Robert Hoffman Fund, a hefty $17m endowment

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo lost to view: Rediscovered masterpiece remains in private hands

Salvator Mundi has been sold to a collector, months after Dallas Museum of Art made a similar offer

Dallas Museum of Art

What now for the £45 Da Vinci: Salvator Mundi is still up for grabs as Dallas fails to buy

Dallas museum could not raise $100m to buy the authenticated Leonardo, until recently believed to be a mediocre copy


Wendy Reves's son claims that his mother was taken advantage of

Texan charm upsets collectors’ son

Artist interview

Interview with Brice Marden, heir presumptive to Pollock

The artist speaks ahead of his upcoming Dallas exhibition on his varied historical influences