Sound Art

New art project seeks to capture the sounds of migration

The initiative is a collaboration between the University of Oxford and Cities and Memory, which since 2015 has been forming a sound map of the world

Basel's got talent? Artists invite visitors to make their multimedia installations sing

At their Museum Tinguely retrospective, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller welcome participants interacting with their works, which combine elements of theatre, video and sound design

Helsinki’s Flow Festival is a pioneering carbon neutral event—but its art shows get lost in the decor

Experiential sound and light works included in the music festival are so immersive that they are almost hard to find


Frieze rocks: Artist Nikita Gale to create electric guitar installation for BMW commission

Los Angeles-based artist will investigate the “history and politics of sound” at London fair in October

Icelandic pavilion: The magnetic attraction of light and sound

Sigurður Guðjónsson’s mesmerising work in the cavernous Artiglierie uses the movement of metal particles around a magnet

The Virginia museum spotlighting overlooked histories and perspectives

In a trio of current and upcoming exhibitions, the Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University will showcase prints, paintings and a sonic environment that champion underrepresented narratives

Visualising sounds with bioacoustic engineer Bernie Krause

A new exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum immerses viewers in natural soundscapes and their frequencies

Sound art garden coming to Blanton Museum of Art thanks to $5m donation from Austin philanthropists Ernest and Sara Butler

The Bay Area artist Bill Fontana plans to make the echolocation of bats perceptible to human ears for the site’s first commission

From cheerful clapping to screaming sirens: an artist captures the sounds of a pandemic

A crowd-sourced project by Yuri Suzuki at the Dallas Museum of Art aims to "connect people through the sonic experience" during the coronavirus crisis

Off the wall: MoMA opens spaces for visitors to get up close and personal with Modernism

Museum unveils experimental Studio for live art and invites public participation in the Creativity Lab


Artissima makes some noise with a new section for sound-based art

The Italian contemporary art fair is looking into cutting edge works this November

Interview with Ann Hamilton: The Biennale and seeing through the American dream

The American artist, forty-three, represents the US at the Venice Biennale this year