Peabody Essex Museum

Visualising sounds with bioacoustic engineer Bernie Krause

A new exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum immerses viewers in natural soundscapes and their frequencies

Peabody Essex Museum enlists its former deputy director to assume the top post

Lynda Roscoe Hartigan will head back as director after serving just a year at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

After criticism, Harvard's Peabody Museum will revise its policies on repatriating Native American objects

The Association on American Indian Affairs issued an open letter accusing the institution of failing to fulfill its legal obligations

Travelling Jacob Lawrence show spurs discovery of a second missing painting in New York

Museums now appeal for information on three unlocated panels in the artist’s 1950s Struggle series

Peabody Essex Museum director is resigning after just 17 months

Brian P. Kennedy says he will seek a “new challenge” but offers no further details

Missing for decades, a Jacob Lawrence painting surfaces in response to a Met exhibition

A visitor makes the connection between the artist’s Struggle series and a work in a neighbour’s home

Jacob Lawrence’s epic series depicting America's early struggles sets off on US tour

Twenty-three of the US artist’s surviving panels will be reunited for the first time in six decades at the Peabody Essex Museum

Peabody Essex Museum's $125m expansion includes new displays shaped by its neuroscience research

Institution in Salem, Massachusetts, opens new wing to display maritime and Asian art collection

Unlocking the secrets of China’s Qing dynasty empresses

From portraits to robes to jewelry, Peabody Essex Museum explores the intricate trappings of female power and influence