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Conservation & Preservation

Science illuminates art in Detroit’s celebration of Bruegel’s The Wedding Dance

Conservators discover that the 1566 painting was once bluer and revisit the exposure of the notorious codpieces

Adventures with Van Gogh

Arles to Tokyo: Van Gogh exhibitions in 2020 that Vincent aficionados won't want to miss

Detroit’s Van Gogh in America will be the highlight, with more major shows in Amsterdam, Padua, Santa Barbara and Columbus


A careful collector’s gift of African objects and Modern art is celebrated in Detroit

New exhibition is dedicated to Margaret Demant—a passionate booster of the Detroit Institute of Arts’ collection

Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh self-portrait—almost sold by cash-strapped Detroit—will be star of major show on the artist and America in 2020

Sale was stopped at last minute after city received financial support from Michigan