American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History sues insurer over Covid-19 coverage

New York institution says it lost over $37m when it was forced to shut down, but insurance company caps potential coverage at $200,000

Roosevelt equestrian statue will leave American Museum of Natural History soon

A unanimous vote by the New York City Public Design Commission has cleared the way for the controversial statue’s removal to a new home dedicated to the former US president

Art history fact check: Trump mixes up Teddy Roosevelt with an anonymous Remington cowboy

Defending problematic monuments as educational opportunities, the US president misidentifies a famous bronze as a presidential portrait in a Fox News interview

Controversial Roosevelt statue will be removed from entrance to New York’s American Museum of Natural History

The former president’s great-grandson supports the removal of “relics of another age”

Nearly 500 protesters stage Anti-Columbus Day history tour at New York museums

After being blocked from entering the American Museum of Natural History, decolonisation demonstrators took to the streets, ending at the Metropolitan Museum’s steps

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