Revealed: sellers of £7.6m Banksy were London collectors who provided venue for artist's 2005 Crude Oils exhibition

As part of the deal, Roland and Jane Cowan acquired the faux Impressionist canvas from the artist—it sold last night at Sotheby's


Banksy loses trademark battle over his famous Flower Thrower image

The street artist opened a pop-up shop in Croydon last year in a bid to protect his image rights, but was found to have “acted in bad faith”


Banksy’s activism is his greatest work

Funding a refugee rescue boat is just the latest in a long history of politically motivated acts

Hundreds of migrants removed from Banksy-funded rescue boat amid calls for immediate assistance

The British artist accused European authorities of "deliberately" ignoring distress calls issued by the overwhelmed Louise Michel, a vessel he financed to aid migrants crossing the Mediterranean


Banksy funds refugee rescue ship in the Mediterranean

The boat, which has rescued 89 people so far, boasts work by the British street artist on its side


Banksy triptych—estimated at £1.2m—to be sold at Sotheby's in aid of Palestinian hospital

Artists has donated the works, which were previously on display in his Walled Off hotel in Bethlehem


Banksy graffiti removed by London Underground cleaners—but TFL invites artist to make new work in ‘suitable location’

"We appreciate the sentiment of encouraging people to wear face coverings,” says a spokesman


Banksy paints London Underground train with sneezing rat not wearing face mask

British street artist, who likes to mask his own identity, has released a new video showing a tube train being graffitied in apparent support of face coverings


Banksy proposes new Bristol memorial of protesters toppling slave trader statue

Street artist says the idea would cater both to critics and defenders of the monument of Edward Colston

Banksy 'brightens up' Southampton hospital with tribute to nurses

The work has been installed in collaboration with hospital managers and will be auctioned later this year to benefit the NHS


Charges dropped against South African billionaire over allegedly fraudulent Banksy deal

Martin Levick had been accused of duping an investor into lending him $3.5m for the purchase of the work

Street art auction in aid of Australian bushfire clean-up includes works by Banksy and Shepard Fairey

The Bushfire Relief Auction in Melbourne has been organised by the collectors Sandra Powell and Andrew King and prices start at £200


Banksy buyer seeks new location for Season’s Greetings mural

Talks with local officials in Port Talbot about a new urban art centre have stalled

King Tut’s golden year, Koons’s worst: the highs and lows of the art world in 2019

As Notre Dame burned, protestors called the shots and a gold toilet vanished, it was certainly a year to remember


Banksy transforms bench into Santa's sleigh in new mural highlighting UK homelessness

Street artist posts video of the work praising passersby in Birmingham for stopping and offering food and drink to a man sleeping rough


Banksy’s The Drinker withdrawn from Sotheby’s sale after rival artist claims ownership

Sculpture—estimated at £1m—was removed from the street by Andy Link in 2004 but later “liberated” from his East End garden


Artist who ‘kidnapped’ Banksy's The Drinker claims ownership ahead of Sotheby's sale

Andy Link says sculpture for which he demanded £5,000 in ransom was later stolen from him. Banksy’s former dealer says otherwise


MoMA director Glenn Lowry edges out Nan Goldin to top Art Review's Power 100 list

Banksy makes his debut at number 14 while dealer David Zwirner drops from first place to fifth

'The nothings that threaten everything': how Banksy, Kaws and other street artists are shaking up the art world

Instagram power and the rise of the consumer collector are turning the art world upside down


How Banksy is vying for control of resales as his market goes ape

Stunt suspicions swirl after Sotheby’s auction sees 2009 work by street artist sell for far more than its £2m high estimate


To be or not to Bbay: Will Banksy take control of his market with 'approved used dealership'?

Street artist's Gross Domestic Product merchandise store opens online, but collectors are being heavily vetted to prevent flipping


Banksy painting of chimps as MPs sells for record £9.9m at Sotheby's

Nicole Eisenman, Jean-Michel Basquiat and a dozen Italians help weather the Brexit storm


The full story behind Banksy's pop-up shop in Croydon

Street artist has created merchandise range from disco balls made from riot police helmets to hand-stitched welcome mats

Trigger warning: Guerrilla Girls among artists protesting against London arms fair with parallel show

Art the Arms Fair's inaugural 2017 exhibition saw a work by Banksy sell for £205,000 to benefit anti-war campaigns