The archaeological discovery of the century? What the San Casciano bronzes tell us about Roman and Etruscan life

The deposit of perfectly preserved statues in the heart of Tuscany reveals six centuries of cultural and political evolution


Attribution of a Venus discovered in a French scrapyard is highly contested—this book defends the ascription

This weighty tome looks at the life and work of the Italian sculptor Giambologna but focuses on the contested bronze

Dubious Degas bronzes continue to cause friction as New York dealer sues businessman Yank Barry for contract breaches and missed payments

Walter Maibaum claims to have not seen proper payment for the sculptures, accusing Barry of neglecting various agreements

Galleria Borghese exhibition juxtaposes Giacometti and its own sculpture collection

Comparisons between the Swiss superstar sculptor and the greats of previous centuries are inevitable

Scholars absent from State Hermitage Museum conference with controversial Degas bronzes on the agenda

Experts have been silenced by fears of legal action if doubts regarding the sculptures' legitimacy are voiced

Paris foundation loses battle to cast bronzes from original Giacometti plasters

The decision, backed by the Zurich's Giacometti Stiftung and the Berthoud family, has been appealed


How the missing Zodiac fountain heads continue to be a sore point for China

Several have appeared at auction in recent years; the whereabouts of five remain unknown

Interview with Barry Flanagan on his fascination with bronze: A tradesman, not an artist

Flanagan chooses to depict hares rather than people to steer away from the dominance of the portrait

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A rare Roman bronze statue attracts considerable interest in Christie's December sale

Valued at $3 million, Roman bronze statue also boasts impeccable provenance

Ashmolean shows Renaissance bronzes with Daniel Katz

Centenary of collector, C.D.E. Fortnum, celebrated with exhibition and lectures at Society of Antiquaries

Number of fake Moores on the increase

Dramatic rise in counterfeit bronzes on the market


French association of Bronze-founders establish code of ethics

An attempt to combat the damage being caused by forgeries and unauthorised castings


French bronze founders propose action against forgery

Syndicat Général des Fondeurs de France decide on a code of conduct and a central register

Following the Rodin fakes scandal French bronze founders act to protect their good name

The Syndicat concluded that French legislation is incomplete in its definitions of reproductions and forgery