Cornelius Gurlitt

Swiss government approves panel to assess claims for art acquired in Nazi and colonial eras

New panel is to find “fair and just solutions” for disputed works in museums

Swiss museum to part with 29 works from Gurlitt trove suspected of being Nazi loot

Kunstmuseum Bern announces results of in-depth provenance investigation of controversial 2014 bequest

Germany’s incoming government plans to improve Nazi-looted art restitution

Proposals include eliminating statutes of limitation for claims, creating a central court for cases and strengthening the advisory commission

Spitzweg drawing from Gurlitt hoard returned to Jewish publisher’s heirs

The musical scene was seized by the Gestapo in 1939 from Henri Hinrichsen, who died at Auschwitz

Three Nazi-looted works bought by Gurlitt return to Jewish collector’s heirs

Two paintings by Jean-Louis Forain were discovered in Cornelius Gurlitt’s trove; the third work, by Constantin Guys, was restituted by another family member

Bern museum sells $4m Manet painting from Gurlitt art hoard

National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo agrees to buy the painting, Ships at Sea in Stormy Weather


Why this Cézanne painting could hold the key to solving thorny heritage disputes

Pioneering agreement to share contested work from Gurlitt trove provides a roadmap for similar legal cases

Signac painting in Gurlitt hoard identified as Nazi loot

Restitution discussions with descendants of Jewish owner are underway

Austrian exhibition to reveal story of Wolfgang Gurlitt, art dealer for the Nazis turned museum director

Lentos Kunstmuseum in Linz confronts the legacy of its controversial first director, cousin of Hildebrand Gurlitt

Cézanne painting from Gurlitt hoard goes on show for first time since before Second World War

Painter’s descendants reach agreement with Kunstmuseum Bern, which has been acknowledged as the rightful owner of La Montagne Sainte-Victoire

Cornelius Gurlitt’s art hoard finally gets first public showing

Organisers hope two shows will lead to restitution claims from victims of Nazi persecution

Painting in Gurlitt hoard identified as Nazi loot—thanks to a tiny repair hole

Portrait by Thomas Couture belonged to a French politician who opposed the Nazis

Documenta 14 artists will respond to discovery of Gurlitt art hoard

Commissioned works will explore Nazi loot and "riddle of German history"

Menzel drawing and Pissarro painting in Gurlitt trove are restituted to heirs

Four art works from the controversial collection have now been returned to the families of their original owners

Bern and Bonn schedule first exhibitions of Cornelius Gurlitt’s art for November

Bern to focus on “degenerate” art while Bonn focuses on Nazi looting in show that will move on to Berlin