How theatre provided a brief escape for prisoners from concentration camp horrors

First major show on subject is at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow

EU Parliament pulls plug on UK’s bid for European Capital of Culture 2023

Move raises fears that Brexit will leave Britain 'culturally isolated'

We have an obligation to share collections abroad says V&A director

The V&A’s new, German-born director Martin Roth on what he learned in Dresden—and Beijing

May 2011archive

Gian Enzo Sperone: 'The nature of the art market has changed for ever'

The Italian dealer and co-founder of Sperone Westwater spoke to us in 2011 about botany, the difference between European and US galleries and why the "big gallery" systems won't last

Art marketarchive

EU tax and regulation changes and more sales could allow the European art market to retain top spot over China

Yet the EU's share of the market is steadily declining and the US may already have lost its lead


Disagreement between France and Spain on cultural protectionism

President Aznar of Spain stated that cultural protectionism was “the refuge of a country whose culture is in decline”

Count down to 1993 and the United States of Europe—are you prepared? Everything you need to know about the European Commission and the Maastricht Treaty

Read this and keep it if you’re an artist, a dealer, an auctioneer, a collector, a museum curator, an academic, a publisher, an advertiser, a sponsor, a restorer, an architect, a lawyer or an arts administrator—inside or outside Europe