Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier sells Singapore freeport to Chinese crypto billionaire Jihan Wu for a reported $28.4m

Sale marks a significant loss for Bouvier, who paid $70m to build the state-of-the-art facility in 2010

Sanctions on Russian oligarchs put focus on assets and art stowed away in Swiss freeports

Legal loopholes of secretive customs complexes are in the spotlight again as pressure ramps up on Russian owned assets

UK art trade questions who benefits from England's freeport bonanza

Eight mega warehouses announced in the budget will 'unlock billions' in investment, says the government, but they have a tarnished reputation, market analysts warn

Manhattan's first and only freeport to close

Arcis, a high-tech $50m art storage facility in Harlem, opened in 2018 and allowed for tax-free transactions


Demand for New York's first freeport facility steps up

Increasing numbers of dealers and collectors take advantage of tax-exempt Arcis, the foreign trade zone in Harlem

Freeport debate rages on after UK government commits to establishing ten vast storage facilities

Labour MP Owen Smith calls the tax-free zones “self-storage for art thieves”

Boris Johnson wants to create six freeports and tax-free zones around the UK

Vast storage facilities for high-value items such as art and cars have stoked controversy

European Parliament puts 'urgent' phasing out of freeports top of agenda

New report deplores the use of freeports to permanently store assets such as art

Jean-Claude Juncker dismisses claims that freeports are ‘systematically used to commit fraud’

European Commission president rebuffs German MEP Wolf Klinz's demand for a proper investigation into the management of Le Freeport Luxembourg

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker must close tax loopholes at Luxembourg freeport, MEP says

German politician Wolf Klinz describes the art storage facility as “high risk” for money laundering and tax evasion