Hagia Sophia

Turkey reopens former Byzantine Chora church as a mosque amid muted objections

Most of the Istanbul monument’s ancient frescoes and mosaics remain on view after restoration

Why we should be concerned about President Erdogan turning museums into mosques

Hagia Sophia and the Chora Church will remain “open to all”, Turkish government promises—but restricted access may not be the primary worry

Russia to fund small-scale replica Hagia Sophia in Syria that will be used as a church

Tactical move comes after Turkish president ordered historic Istanbul site to be turned into a mosque

Some of Hagia Sophia’s mosaics will be covered during Muslim prayers

A spokesman for Turkish President Ergodan said curtains would hide depictions of the Virgin Mary and the archangel Gabriel when the site opens for worshippers on Friday

Hagia Sophia will be mosque again, Turkish president Erdogan says

The controversial decision is likely to set off a storm among cultural heritage officials


Court ruling converting Turkish museum to mosque could set precedent for Hagia Sophia

Decision that Kariye Museum must become a Muslim house of worship again could imperil its Byzantine art and have repercussions for other early Christian monuments


Erdogan says museum and former cathedral Hagia Sophia will become a mosque again

The Turkish president wants the monument to serve as a place of worship flouting international pressure to retain the site’s current neutral status