Haroon Mirza

Haroon Mirza and Mat Collishaw launch NFT projects in the wake of Ethereum’s eco-upgrade

The switch to a more sustainable blockchain system is encouraging artists to experiment with the collaborative potential of NFTs

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A brush with... Haroon Mirza

An in-depth interview with the artist on his cultural experiences and greatest influences, from Salvador Dalí to the Royal Academy's Sensation

Hosted by Ben Luke. Produced by Aimee Dawson and David Clack
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Haroon Mirzainterview

Haroon Mirza: ‘The question I’m asking is, what kind of species are we?’

As he opens a show in New York and looks forward to his participation in the Lille3000 festival, the artist-composer discusses his interest in energy and power in their many forms

Handbags at dawn? Haroon Mirza accuses Louis Vuitton of appropriating his solar sculptures

Artist's new works incorporate "imitation" bags and wallets in response to brand's window displays