World Press Photo ‘shocked’ at ousting of Hungarian National Museum director in LGBTQ+ exhibition row

Images of a care home in Manila by Hannah Reyes Morales fell foul of right-wing lawmakers

US exhibition to reveal audacity and experimentation of Eastern Bloc artists

The Walker Art Center's show brings together work by nearly 100 artists living under communist rule

Pillar of Shame sculpture honouring Tiananmen Square victims shown in Budapest after Hong Kong removal

Copy of 1997 work erected on street, renamed to honour alleged human rights victims in China

Hungarian museum director faces backlash after comparing George Soros to Hitler

In an op-ed published this weekend, Szilard Demeter called the billionaire financier 'the liberal Führer'

Budapest’s green mayor puts brakes on €250m New National Gallery

Local politicians block construction on cultural quarter backed by right-wing government, citing “enormous impact on environment”

Hungary presses ahead with sprawling culture hub in Budapest city park

Vast collections centre for 300,000 objects inaugurated as construction continues on ambitious museums quarter for Hungarian capital

Heirs of Baron Herzog continue battle for Nazi-looted art collection despite US Supreme Court dismissal

Decades-long case to reclaim works held in Hungary’s museums will now go through US District Court


The influence of Klimt in Central European art after the First World War

The adaptations and expansions of the Austrian painter in the nations of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire

Budapest museum's Romanesque Hall returned to former glory

The Szepmuveszeti Muzeum restoration ushers in a series of ambitious art projects in Hungarian capital

Hungary takes control of half of Sevso silver

Budapest government strengthens claim for rest of long-disputed hoard after handing over €15m


After censorship row, what next in Hungary?

Brussels shows and Budapest appointment overshadowed by government’s hands-on cultural policy

Questions arise surrounding legitimacy of items thought to be part of supposedly incomplete Sevso silver hoard

Documents seen by The Art Newspaper reveal that five bowls, 37 cups and 187 spoons were offered with the 14 pieces which make up the Roman treasure

Hungary wants to negotiate with Lord Northampton over Sevso silver

Based on its belief that the Sevso silver rightfully belongs to Hungary, the Hungarian government is seeking an out-of-court settlement with Lord Northampton

Bonhams u-turns on no-sale of Sevso silver

Last month the auction house told us it would not sell the hoard, but now it says it might

Bonhams to show Sevso silver in first exhibition since its discovery

Scholars, curators, dealers and collectors have been invited to the private exhibition of the treasure known for its astonishing provenance


Auction house faking incident spooks growing Hungarian art market

A leading collector believes many bogus works are circulating

Test case for restitution in Hungarian museums as claim on 11 paintings proceeds to appeal

The paintings seized by the Nazis, then the Communist government, may yet remain with the state

New Andy Warhol retrospective to tour Eastern Europe

The exhibition will visit Hungary, Greece, Russia and Estonia this year and Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia and Croatia in 2001

Co-ownership rejected by Budapest Museum of Fine Arts for alleged war loot

Montreal Museum maintains they bought the Vasari in good faith

The point of no return - Europe climbs on the restitution bandwagon

But the process has stalled as far as large-scale restitution between Russia and Germany is concerned

The Sevso silver remains in Manhattan storage as court discussions continue

Hungary's appeal of the verdict that was reached in spring awaits a decision