Joshua Reynolds

British government gives 11th-hour permission for Joshua Reynolds's Omai to leave UK

Assurances required from Rijksmuseum and Irish owner to promptly return celebrated portrait of Tahitian which Tate had tried to buy

Reynolds' experiments a real headache for conservators

Research project and show explain conservators’ difficulties with his techniques


What Tate paid for art 2004-06

A complete list of Tate's acquisitions from the last two years, and what they paid for them

Owner of Reynolds’ Portrait of Omai has also loaned Modigliani to Dublin’s National Gallery

Horse breeder John Magnier has given seven other paintings to the institution for at least six years—exempting him from tax should the works be sold


Final effort for Tate to save Reynolds’ Archers

The Tate continues to fiercely pursue their fundraising campaign in the hopes that this great work may remain in the UK


Omai to go on loan to Tate

Is this a prelude to its sale to the gallery?


Reynolds’ Portrait of Omai to remain in the UK, but in private hands

The painting which was bought at Sotheby's was banned from leaving the country - now what?

Acquisitions negotiations at Tate and The Armouries: You win some, you lose some

A mysterious donor gives the Tate £12.5 million to buy Reynolds’ Omai but the Armouries fail to get Lottery support for two armours

Britain may lose Omai (twice) and an exquisite Raphael

Tate and the National Gallery reverse longstanding softly, softly policy over purchases to try to retain masterpieces