Broad Foundation acquires one of the largest groups of work by Beuys in the world

Some will go on show in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art expansion next year

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Eli Broad breaks new ground at LACMA

Construction starts next month on the collector’s $50 million Modern art gallery at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

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Eli Broad and LACMA set up foundation to run museum’s new wing

Following the philanthropist's $60 million gift to the museum

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Eli Broad chooses Renzo Piano for Los Angeles County Museum of Art project

The Italian architect will design the institution’s new $50 million wing

Claim for slice of the action at LACMA as new show uses paintings subject to restitution claims

A French plaintiff says he deserves a percentage of exhibition ticket sales at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art because the works on display were taken from his grandfather after the Russian Revolution

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Eli Broad finances new building scheme for Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Total rebuild by Dutch architect, Rem Koolhaas, is scrapped, however

From the archive | When Jacob Rothschild spoke out about the challenges of running the Heritage Lottery Fund

Rothschild retired as the first chairman of the Heritage Lottery Fund at the end of March 1998. In a rare interview, he described its relationship with government

Nazi 'degenerate art' show to be reconstructed in LA

An irony that the American art world will enjoy after the Mapplethorpe censorship row: the N.E.A. is sponsoring a partial replay of the Nazi “Entartete Kunst” exhibition of 1937