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Murakami’s film debut is anything but ‘superflat’

But whether this post-nuclear parable is fine art or pop culture is harder to discern

Blind bids, flogging Bacon and a fisherman’s find come to the small screen

Three programmes that turn the art world over to reality television


Two new programmes: Warhol is remembered by his ageing stars, and original art is taught

Twenty Factory regulars look back on the creative freedom that fuelled the New York enterprise, while three art schools are brought under the microscope

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New documentary challenging the gatekeepers of Warhol’s legacy

Alan Yentob shines a revealing light on the secretive world of the Warhol Authentication Board

Museum inaction on restitution is undermining public trust

Adrian Ellis, director of AEA Consulting, talks on the threat this poses to the perceived legitimacy of cultural institutions

Arts on television: Bacon and Hirst as the bad boys of British art

Damien Hirst has carried on Francis Bacon’s violent legacy of “guts, blood and spunk”, but denies any direct inspiration


Television Guide: Athens '04 Olympics sparks Elgin marbles documentary and The Art Show sheds light on the collector's perspective

The BBC asks whether Lord Elgin's actions could be justified as the spotlight on the Greeks rekindles the Elgin marbles debate, and Channel 4 programme has dealers weigh in on the state of the art market

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Set to change whole profile of art publishing, Louise MacBain is on a mission to create media empire

The ex-ceo of Phillips de Pury talks about her plans to create a group of art publications and to make an “Art Davos”

Television Guide: Mario Testino's marriage of glamour and individual identity, Warhol's multi-faceted career, and Philip Lorca diCorcia's submission for the Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize

The Art Newspaper reviews the "Mario Testino, Diana's favourite photographer" (BBC), "Andy Warhol: the complete picture" and the Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize 2002 (Channel 4)

Art programmes examine Auerbach and wrestle with the Surrealist subconscious

Recent programmes have focussed on the artist Frank Auerbach and the Tate Surrealism show


A review of art in the UK media: Dumbing down or opening up?

The question of whether society gets the art it deserves, or merely what it is prepared to tolerate

Art in the media: History as a developing process

Lodz ghetto photos found in Vienna; Van Dyck reassessed; Tracey Emin in profile

The Last Supper restoration: What the media said

The conclusion of the twenty-year project to restore Leonardo’s famous fresco has made headlines around the world The Art Newspaper presents a selection of reactions from the newspapers


Art in the Media: Norman Foster’s renovated Reichstag, Andy Warhol on video and CNN's The ArtClub comes to London

Air-raising adventures in Berlin, the mythology of Andy Warhol on screen, and The ArtClub hitting its stride at London visual art events

Art in the media: The people’s painting—only what we deserve

Komar and Melamid reveal what we like, Tory politician Jeffrey Archer speculates in Warhols, fictional Bacon somewhat censored, and Britain’s own intellectual, Jonathan Miller, on reflection

How fares the digital revolution: A look at the Corbis Corporation

We assess the benefits that have accrued to museums and publishers so far

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The Barnes Foundation harnesses home-shopping channel

Renoir makes his TV debut as controversy reigns over merchandising


Will the upcoming Warhol biopic be another casualty of art films' tendency to alienate audiences?

The artist's life story will soon be a minor motion picture, but cinema-goers could be disenchanted with such dramatisations