Iain Miller


Oei Hong Djien, the controversial collector aiming to build a history of Indonesia’s Modern art

New film shows a scene dogged by lack of institutional support and alleged fakes


Interview: Why Mike Leigh turned to art

The British director on his acclaimed big-screen portrait of Turner—and the artist’s “box of tricks”

Art Baselarchive

Bob and Roberta Smith's Basel 'Art Party' raises awareness about slashing of UK arts education funding

Bob and Roberta Smith’s crusade against cuts is bringing politics and mayhem to the Swiss fair

Pandemonium as celebrations of Derek Jarman kick off

King’s College show opens events marking the 20th anniversary of the film-maker’s death


The art of warfare: new documentary on practical applications of art installation during WWII

Rick Beyer’s “The Ghost Army” is the story of the artists who worked to throw the German army off the scent of the real location of Allied troops

Champion of the ‘free radicals’: Interview with Pip Chodorov

After introducing film to Fiac and battling to get fair prices for film-makers’ works, Pip Chodorov made his own history of experimental cinema—and now he is celebrating the work of a pioneering artist in a forthcoming Serpentine Gallery show.


New Abramovic film explores public and private endurance tests

Akers's film recounts the artist’s decades of arduous performances—and reveals a charming woman beneath the steely surface


"Art in the Twenty-first Century" brings big personalities to the small screen

This US television series offers insights into the history and practice of artists from Marina Abramovic to Ai Weiwei

Calder Foundation to host rare films online

Four videos feature the artist’s stage work, sculptures and constructions

Blind bids, flogging Bacon and a fisherman’s find come to the small screen

Three programmes that turn the art world over to reality television

Art on the big screen: The art and lives of prominent 20th century artists

Documentaries on Julio González and Kazimir Malevich are particularly striking, while the Claes Oldenburg and Jasper Johns films are less so

Review: Re-distributed films starring Armando Reverón and David Hockney and Londoners gather on Front Row to recall Andy Warhol encounters

Poignant footage of Reverón's twilight years, Hockney playing the documentarian and Jeremy Deller in conversation with Anthony d'Offay on Warhol's transformative power


New York’s digital shorts: 'Made Here' explores artists’ relationships with the city

The web-based videos looks into the lives of performers and artists

Tate Modern looks inside the mind of Pere Portabella

The veteran Catalan director has a season of films on show at Bankside


Robert Adanto's documentary "Pearls on the Ocean Floor" throws spotlight on Iran's revolutionary female artists

The women who go against the grain, featured at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston


Art on the big screen: Documenting feminism and how women changed the (art) world

Lynn Hershman Leeson’s film is an invaluable historical record of the feminist art movement in the US

A new film on Jean-Michel Basquiat ticks all the boxes

Archive interviews? Check. Cool soundtrack? Famous faces? Boost to the market? Check, check and check

Interview with Shirin Neshat: “For Iranian artists, being silent is like taking the side of the demon”

As her debut movie, “Women Without Men”, screens in Basel, the artist explains that cinema is closer to her people


Art on the big screen: When Dalí and Lorca were lovers—perhaps

"Little Ashes" tells one side of a very contentious story


Art in the media: Light and dark after the war at the Ferus Gallery and in the art of Georg Baselitz

Ostensibly disparate films illuminate art after the end of World War II


Art on the big screen: The art of war and sex

A look at 'Guernica: Portrait of War' and 'Love You More'


The films of Warhol’s lost lover rediscovered: A documentary on Danny Williams

Esther Robinson’s engrossing movie includes footage of several of Williams’ films