Medieval art

Surfacing on the market: Leaf out of a book (of hours)

Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Rare Books Signature Collection


High production value: how the Bohun manuscripts were made

The Bohun manuscripts demonstrate how illuminated manuscripts were produced, says David King


Widow and ex-wife battle over Russian collector Mikhail de Boire’s icons

When his former wife gave part of $30m collection to the Pushkin Museum, his last wife called in lawyers to determine the fate of 75 icons from north Russia


New definitive catalogue published on the V&A’s magnificent ivories

The summation of a lifetime’s work and a triumph of scholarship

Books: The continuities in Medieval and Renaissance art at the V&A

A deep look into the remarkable objects now on display in the museum's recently opened galleries

V&A plans £120m second phase of renewals

Medieval and Renaissance galleries crown phase one of museum’s “Future Plan”


Books: Material culture and medieval "Hindu-Muslim" encounter

Objects of translation and the cultural interactions of Muslims and Hindus in the late 12th and early 13th centuries

Nazi lootarchive

V&A will not get casket back

Medieval casket returned to UK owner; Czartoryski family to pursue case with support of Polish Ministry of Culture

Nazi lootarchive

Police seize medieval casket from V&A due to Nazi loot claims

The Czartoryski family in Poland, who lost much of their art during the war, say it belongs to them

Revealed: mystery lender of medieval art to V&A

He is Paul Ruddock, investment management CEO and V&A trustee

Gothic: art for England, 1400-1547, Victoria & Albert Museum

300 objects illustrating all facets of medieval life


Spring books: US. Decorative arts to the fore

Photography, Asian art, the art of antiquity, Old Masters, and historiography are also among the topics covered


MoMA sculptures on show at the New York Botanical Gardens

Also exhibited are rare and illustrated books on botany to inaugurate their new gallery


Tate's 'Image and Idol' takes a look at the 12th century

This new exhibition explores earlier British art than ever before

The Visual and the Visionary: Art and Female Spirituality in Late Medieval Germany

Medieval German women’s art and spirituality examined with too much of the gender-studies approach

National Trust finds rare Gothic altarpiece in stables

Seven hundred year-old painting was dismissed as nineteenth-century

Italian town begs the Cleveland Museum for their cross back, per favore

Illegally sold in the 1960s, it was bought by the US museum in good faith but the Italians would like it returned