Museum ethics

Museum community must agree on binding protocols to counter 'increasing political interference' across Europe, leading directors say

A slew of cases of museum directors forced from their positions is a "spectacular moment of crisis,” the Museum Watch Committee chair said at annual museums conference

Museum ethics organisation criticises ‘forced resignation’ of Manchester gallery director

Cimam is demanding "greater clarity" over the reasons for Alistair Hudson’s proposed removal


Inquiry into actions by Detroit Institute of Arts director and board chair found no misconduct, museum says

Law firm hired by the Detroit museum found no conflict of interest in loan of art from director's family, it adds

The message about looted art is finally getting through as Cambodia is inundated with returned loot

The restitution of Cambodian statues by major museums and auction houses is an encouraging sign

Warning over Qatar’s human rights record

UK museums’ close ties questioned after poet imprisoned for 15 years

Richard Koshalek of the Hirshhorn Museum makes a stand against censorship

“Censorship has no role here... the only way to deal with these subjects is through dialogue"

July 2010archive

Eli Broad addresses the American Association of Museums: “Get art out of the basement"

The collector lectures museum professionals at their annual conference in Los Angeles

Directors say OK to collectors’ shows

In response to The New Museum's current exhibition

French institutions have lost their integrity by relying on private sponsors, leading fundraiser says

Longtime arts and heritage patron Olivier de Rohan denounces the increasing influence of external bodies on museums' creative decisions

Suspicions and speculations as Jeffrey Deitch is appointed as MoCA's director

Why is it that a move from the commercial sector to the non-profit is seen as scandalous?

Books: Who should artifacts really belong to? And why?

A collection of essays by museum directors worldwide on restitutions and ownership

Museums lending to commercial galleries: The debate

Director of the Rose Art Museum examines both sides of the argument

Art marketarchive

The Art Newspaper discusses the fine line between curating and promoting

It is almost impossible for a museum to mount a contemporary exhibition without the involvement of the artist's dealer

Director of German contemporary art museum explores his “Carte Blanche” approach to private collectors

“What is often described as the ‘undue’ influence of collectors and dealers is less of a threat than the noticeable tendency for these parties to lose interest in public institutions”

A look at the ethical and economic problems underlying museum acquisitions

Museums should beware of being used as marketing tools by collectors

Comment: The problem with privately-funded museums

There is a danger that the conservatism of the museum sector will be challenged by a new generation of board members who feel that “rules are for other people”


Watchdog criticises Tate for Ofili purchase

The Charity Commission is now investigating all acquisitions made from artists while they were serving as trustees

May 2006archive

As US museums face mounting legal issues, an annual conference explores what to do with whistleblowers and dodgy donors

Recent corporate scandals have raised concerns that American charities should be examining their ethics policies

UK museums can now return human remains

The shift in policy follows over 30 recent claims for restitution

Museum inaction on restitution is undermining public trust

Adrian Ellis, director of AEA Consulting, talks on the threat this poses to the perceived legitimacy of cultural institutions

What happened to the Maharajah of Indore’s Brancusi birds?

In 1973 the Tate wanted to buy Brancusi’s black marble “Bird in space” through dealer Richard Feigen, but the sale fell through because the trustees believed the work had been “smuggled” out of India

Gainsborough's House director Hugh Belsey on competing with Tate: Goliath wins

Should Gainsborough’s House have given way to the Tate over a painting in the current Tate exhibition?

Nazi lootarchive

Fair play, not the letter of the law for Tate restitution case

The panel finds Tate has legal title to a war-loot picture but agrees that the claimants should be compensated on ethical grounds

Getty returns three stolen works to Italy

Curator voluntarily collaborates with Italy in accordance with museum’s policy


Copyright and censorship in Chapmanworld: how far can they go?

Despite the dilemmas posed by their work, Jake and Dinos Chapman's first major exhibition in a public gallery is opening in London

East Berlin museums chief defends his record, revealing how the East German museums sold in order to buy'

We did not pursue any party political nonsense on the Museum Island': Professor Günther Schade stands by his position