National Museum of Iran

President Rouhani personally takes looted ancient relief back from New York to Tehran

Piece depicting a Persian soldier was seized last year at Tefaf New York

Against the odds, Louvre exhibition opens in Tehran in historic deal

French museum became first cultural institution to secure ties with Islamic regime after sanctions lifted in 2016


Iran's hackles rise as British Museum hesitates in Cyrus Cylinder lease

The museum director has reassured Iran's vice president that the wait does not mean the loan has been called off


British Museum will loan Cyrus Cylinder to Iran's National Museum

The British Museum pledged to send over the rare cuneiform cylinder in exchange for Iran's ample contributions to previous shows


National Museum of Iran exhibition to tour five Japanese cities

The costs of bringing "Iranian splendour" overseas will be covered by the Japanese royal family

Iran's National Museum of Art touring exhibition currently at Antikenmuseum Basel chronicles seven thousand years of Persian art

The show is an attempt by Prime Minister Ayatollah Khatami to eliminate bad feeling between Iran and the West, and to spread awareness about the archaeological sites in the country under threat