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“Oldest Muslim palace” bulldozed by developer

Lal Muhal in Delhi was demolished on 30 October

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Indonesian antiquities thefts show no sign of abating

Fakes left in place of stolen artefacts in elaborate webs of deceit

Government looks to China as Europe suspends funding for Ilisu dam

Authorities fail on environmental and social impact conditions

Devi Art Foundation is India’s first private museum of contemporary art

Anupam Poddar and his mother Lekha have assembled a collection of over 7,000 works of art


Samarra shrine must be rebuilt: Unesco says reconstruction will help unite warring factions

The site is considered one of the holiest in Iraq, containing the remains of two of the Prophet's descendants


Samarra mosque at risk from new police barracks

There are fears that the new station will be a target for insurgents; Unesco powerless to protect the World Heritage site

Illuminating lacquer maker Onishi Isao, one of Japan's Living National Treasures

“The beauty is in the process and the final object is the sum of the path"


Seven of the most prolific Indian art collectors

Four based in India, one New York Indian, one US couple and one Japanese buyer


Iran loses UK court battle over Persepolis fragment

Iranian lawyers argued that any rights to the fifth-century bas-relief should be relinquished to its country of origin

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New York-based Indian gallery comes to London

Aicon joins growing number of London-based dealers selling South Asian work

Whitechapel Gallery accused of “self-censorship”

Lenders to a Hans Bellmer exhibition say works were withdrawn from display for fear of causing offence

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Modern Indian art fetches top prices at Sotheby's

But older decorative arts of the subcontinent fail to excite buyers

Unesco to step in to examine so-called “pyramids”

Academics claim that the dig is “pseudo-archaeology”

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Asia week: Fakes overshadow contemporary Indian sales

Sotheby’s and Christie’s did well but concerns are growing about the scarcity of top end buyers


Iran takes first step in reconstruction of Samarra mosque, a casualty of sectarian reprisals in Iraq

The shrine's restoration, which will be paid for by private sector investment, has been the subject of a deal brokered between ICHTO and the Iraqi Ministry of Culture

China and Italy team up to fight illicit trade

The joint effort will use satellite technology to help protect archaeological sites


Unesco reconstruction plan for Kosovo

Lack of trust between Serbs and Muslims continues to hinder restoration efforts


'The destruction of memory: architecture at war', by Robert Bevan

This book argues that the deliberate destruction of buildings and cultural artefacts is a human rights issue


Invasive US security measures place Samarra’s heritage at risk

A giant embankment built around the city has reduced attacks on US troops, but may have compromised important sites

Landmark Vuillard exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Rather than sticking to his traditional oeuvre, the show demonstrates how Vuillard embraced stylistic risk-taking and the avant-garde


Collector profile: The unstoppable Mr Kim

Businessman, artist, collector—and dealer?

US snipers co-opt Samarra mosque’s spiral minaret

The US military says “military necessity” takes precedence over the safeguarding of this Islamic landmark


Archaeologists given more time to survey Iran's Bulaghi valley before dam waters cause it to submerge

Experts at the ancient site of Izeh in the Karun River valley have not been afforded the same privileges

First show at Kabul Museum since war

Austria finances the restoration of wooden idols chopped up by the Taliban


36 arrested and 940 objects reclaimed as Iranian authorities apprehend antiquities smuggling ring

Iran has clamped down on illegal trade in antiquities, which has led to archaeological sites being promptly denuded post-discovery


National Museum of Iran exhibition to tour five Japanese cities

The costs of bringing "Iranian splendour" overseas will be covered by the Japanese royal family