Lucian Harris


Construction of dams in Iran submerges crucial archaeological sites

“To see this happen breaks my heart”, says archaeologist Dr Henry Wright

Iran sentences Jiroft smugglers to death

It is the first time that Iranian courts have issued a harsh punishment for the illicit exportation of goods from an archaeological site

Nazi lootarchive

Bavaria reveals its paintings from Göring’s collection

The State collection is the first in Germany to publish the source of works acquired during the Nazi era

How the contents of Iran’s Western Cave were dispersed

Many of the objects, some extant since the first millennium BC, were looted from the site and entered the international market

Work resumes on Berlin Holocaust Memorial after halt in construction when it emerged that company profited from the production of Zyklon B gas during the war

Peter Eisenman's monument was being coated with an anti-graffiti paint made by Degussa AG, which once owned a stake in a firm that made the hydrogen cyanide gas pellets used at Auschwitz


New York's Asia Society hosts 'Hunt for paradise: Court arts of Iran, 1501-76. Asia Society'

The exhibition illustrates how monarchical patronage in the 15th century paved the way for an age of artistic accomplishment in Iran