War memorial

Australian War Memorial seeks to offer ‘hope and healing’ at time of rising military suicides

Artist Alex Seton has created a series of marble “droplets” that will wear in places over time as they are touched

Russian missile strike hits Holocaust memorial site in Kyiv

The site of Babyn Yar, Europe's largest mass grave for victims of the Holocaust, was struck by Russian missiles in an attack on a nearby television broadcasting tower

Iraqi-US artist Michael Rakowitz's new anti-war monument in Margate points accusing finger at UK government

Seafront commission, which references the invasion of Iraq in 2003, is part of England’s Creative Coast: Waterfronts initiative


Great War memorials go online for first time

The project has already documented around 2,000 works

Iraq War remembered

The show largely sidesteps Tony Blair’s controversial role in the conflict

March 2008archive

Why the US military's proposal to dispose of Saddam Hussein’s Victory Monument is misguided

They represent good and bad aspects of Iraq’s modern history and cannot simply be obliterated

March 2008archive

Two new Holocaust memorials for Berlin

Parliament approves final budgets for monuments to homosexuals and Roma and Sinti people murdered by the Nazis

May 2004archive

The US finally unveils its Second World War memorial

It has taken almost 60 years to commemorate the 400,000 American soldiers who died in the conflict

Work resumes on Berlin Holocaust Memorial after halt in construction when it emerged that company profited from the production of Zyklon B gas during the war

Peter Eisenman's monument was being coated with an anti-graffiti paint made by Degussa AG, which once owned a stake in a firm that made the hydrogen cyanide gas pellets used at Auschwitz

Action urgently needed to save Brancusi’s Endless Column

The most important outdoor sculpture of this century has been ravaged by rust, pollution, politics and conservation debates

The splendour of ruins?

To resurrect or not to resurrect Dresden’s Frauenkirche, which has been left in ruins as a slowly decaying war memorial