Nazi Germany

Looted artarchive

The National Gallery investigates wartime provenance of 120 paintings

The London gallery aims to ensure that they are not war loot and appeals for assistance in checking their recent histories

War-torn Picasso

At the liberation of Paris, Picasso declared, “I am not the kind of painter who goes out like a photographer for something to depict. But I have no doubt that the war is in these paintings.” This exhibition sifts the evidence

Nazi lootarchive

War loot found in a rug dealer’s shop in Boston

Veteran’s reluctant admission of taking plunder clinches case

Dresden recovers four missing pictures

The paintings have been missing since 1945


Books: The “Spoils of War” 1995 conference papers

A survey touching all the bases, including losses, recoveries, legal debates, and cultural restitution


Revealed: what happened to the “degenerate” art in Germany’s museums, from G to Z

A 1941 typescript has been discovered that fills in the missing history of 16,588 works of art seized by the Nazis


Ukraine returns war booty to Germany

This is in marked contrast to Russia’s tough line against any restitution of works of art taken from Nazi Germany


Texas war booty charge thrown out of court

Technicality spares the sellers of the Quedlinburg treasure


War loot funded Quedlinburg GI’s double lifestyle

Former acquaintances in Dallas’s gay scene report war booty on show in his apartment


Books: Stalin’s supermuseum

As the Red Army pushed back the Nazi invaders in 1944, a pair of Soviet art historians compiled a list of masterpieces from Europe’s museums to be brought back to Moscow


Books: Spiegelman's comics come to MoMA

Maus, the highly successful re-telling of the Holocaust, uses mice, cats and pigs as the protagonists

True claim to Malevich works still to be determined, but Popov eager to strike a deal involving Koening Collection

The Amsterdam Old Master drawings may be swapped for others owned by the van Beuningen Museum in Russia

Correcting Malévich’s own disinformation

Conference papers of the 1988-89 touring exhibition are scutinised


The library of the Sabatinis

After decades of pretending to know nothing about it, Mainz University library reluctantly returns Nazi loot of precious books

Polish museums to sell military equipment preserved in bogs

They have already dug out several dozen armoured cars, field-guns, transporters and other vehicles

Nazi 'degenerate art' show to be reconstructed in LA

An irony that the American art world will enjoy after the Mapplethorpe censorship row: the N.E.A. is sponsoring a partial replay of the Nazi “Entartete Kunst” exhibition of 1937