Outer Space

Over the Koons: US artist’s plan to send 125 sculptures to the moon set to finally take off

Works inspired by Leonardo and Cleopatra will blast into orbit on Elon Musk’s rocket as part of a project first announced two years ago

How the Cosmism art movement foretold the start of the space age

Exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum examines how the movement founded by Nikolai Fyodorov influenced artists

New space art project aims to put thousands of works onto the surface of the moon

The so-called Lunar Codex, the brainchild of a scientist-turned-science fiction author, will send a trove of human cultural material to the moon

Elon Musk to fly high-profile Swiss curator to Mars for ‘first exhibition in space’

The show is planned for 2035 and is part of a SpaceX project to colonise the red planet


Artist Sacha Jafri plans to place the ‘first official artwork on the moon’

The aerospace-grade aluminium plate will be sent to space later this year, but earthbound collectors can partake of the journey thanks to line of exclusive NFTs

Work by an African artist to be launched into space to highlight effects of global warming

Piece will be fixed onto nose of an Ariane 5 launcher that will be collecting data on climate change's impact on Africa

Trevor Paglen’s Orbital Reflector sculpture fails to deploy

The artist says the US government shutdown effectively “killed” the sculpture

US government shutdown shuts down Trevor Paglen's space sculpture

The closure of the Federal Communications Commission has delayed the deployment of the work

Elon Musk under attack over use of potter's farting unicorn image

The Tesla chief has defended himself, saying he helped popularise the mug design for free

Countdown begins for sculpture’s lift-off

Trevor Paglen and Nevada Museum Of Art crowdfund to launch his “purely artistic” satellite