Sam Keller

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Marc Spiegler to assume sole charge of Basel

Joint director takes overall control of fairs


Interview with Sam Keller: “Art Basel is not a shopping mall”

Fair director Sam Keller believes his greatest achievement has been to combine culture with commerce

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New Art Basel director announced today

Although Sam Keller's replacement is soon to be revealed, possible contenders for the role remain the subject of speculation

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Art Basel director replaced by triumvirate

The three candidates sharing the responsibility are revealed to be Marc Spiegler, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz and Annette Schönholzer

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"It was the world's most important fair before I came, it is now, and it will continue to be after I've left": Interview with Art Basel director Sam Keller

After his intention to step down from Basel goes public, Sam Keller discusses the fair's evolution, his legacy, and pastures new at the Beyeler Foundation