Second World War


Germany’s first federal minister of culture since World War II resigns

The deputy editorship of Die Zeit newspaper and a better pension prove too tempting for Michael Naumann

Italian embassy in London pursues claim to Benevento missal

The Art Newspaper has tracked down further details of what happened to the twelfth-century manuscript during World War II

The World Jewish Congress’s Commission for Art Recovery restitutes works from museums in Hanover and Leipzig

Does this mark a change of direction for initiative, which previously only recorded losses?

Wildenstein reveal key documents on alleged war loot

While the Kann descendants have solid evidence for their claim, the Wildenstein family are confident enough in their story to share their own documents with The Art Newspaper

How should billionaire Ronald Lauder be understood; philanthropist, restitution advocate, leader or naive temporiser?

The heir to the cosmetics fortune is creating his own museum and would like to see art returned to Holocaust victims, but how effective is he actually?

400,000 pieces of Nazi silver loot sold by US in 1950

British and French authorities dismayed at disposals that they considered illegal

Art in the media: History as a developing process

Lodz ghetto photos found in Vienna; Van Dyck reassessed; Tracey Emin in profile

MoMA reached settlement agreement with Malevich heirs

The works in question were smuggled out of Germany during the Nazi regime for safe-keeping

Books: a selection of the Art Institute of Chicago's holdings

Painting, design, and decorative arts from Colonial times until the Second World War


Books: Wyndham Lewis and the art of modern war

This collection positions Lewis as an “anti-war war artist”

Restitution round-up: France, Austria, Italy, and Germany

Recent developments in the restitution of looted artworks

Dia Center shows Beuys taking notes on Leonardo

Beuys drawings based on the Renaissance master’s famous Codices Madrid show revolutionary artist experimenting with the ideas of another

Picasso's reaction to the Second World War

“Picasso and the War Years 1937-45”, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, 5 February-9 May

Much piety and hot air at Washington Conference on Holocaust Era Assets

No binding agreements were reached and little effect on restitution is expected

Austria makes legal amends by passing a bill ensuring restitution

Works acquired in a “suspicious manner” will begin to be returned at once

Jewish family loses out to Louvre over WWII spoliation case

After an emergency ruling, the Louvre retains five Italian paintings that were salvaged after the war and the aggrieved Gentili family must now await appeal. Meanwhile, the Musée national d’art moderne has approved the return of more works

Ronald Lauder returns Nazi loot

1829 Kipresnky painting was taken to Berlin in the 1940's

Looted artarchive

US museums deny holding war loot

Museum directors summoned before the House of Representatives

Nazi lootarchive

US Customs seize a painting from a looted collection

The collection was stolen during Nazi occupation of France

Why did leading US museum director keep mum over paintings stolen from Kassel?

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts and its former director, Alan Shestack are castigated in the press

Weimar gets a painting back as Sotheby’s returns stolen Tischbein portrait

“A very happy occasion” as painting looted by American soldiers returns home

Twenty-five Hermitage “treasures” gained as war loot still unclaimed

Watercolours and drawings seized by the Red Army in a Berlin bunker in 1945 have been on show in the Hermitage earlier this year for the first time


Russian Parliament nationalises art taken from Germany

But negotiations continue between Chancellor Kohl and President Yeltsin


Texas war booty charge thrown out of court

Technicality spares the sellers of the Quedlinburg treasure

A symbol of the city rises from the rubble as Dresden's Frauenkirche is reconstructed

The crypt of the baroque Frauenkirche was reopened last month, with an altar by Anish Kapoor