Second World War

Looted artarchive

The German museum paintings secretly sold by the British government in 1946

Nearly 80 pictures, including works by Cranach and Kauffmann, were seized from the German embassy in London


Nazi crime revelations raise questions about the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

The late collector Heini Thyssen forced himself to forget his family’s Nazi involvement, but so did the countries that vied for his and his father’s pictures in the 1980s. This well documented book gives the details

Looted artarchive

Revealed: six paintings in Maritime Museum were seized by British troops from Nazi Germany

Last month we reported that a Nazi picture in the London gallery was taken by British soldiers at the end of World War II. We have now discovered that other works of art were also removed


Growing evidence that Göring seized National Gallery’s Cranach from its pre-war owner

We uncover the remarkable story of how a US war reporter governed Hitler’s mountain retreat for a day and took control of Reichsmarschall Göring’s collection of stolen art

Auschwitz survivor wants her art back from concentration camp

Roma portraits were made by Jewish prisoner on the orders of Dr Josef Mengele

Looted artarchive

Revealed: National Gallery’s Cranach is war loot

The painting was taken from Germany at the end of World War II

The Bode Museum reborn in Berlin

The vast collection of sculptural works removed on the outbreak of World War II are now back on view in the newly-restored building

July 2006archive

France promised Mona Lisa to Mussolini to avert war: The untold story of Leonardo's 1939 Milan retrospective

King George VI loaned 19 of his best Leonardo drawings to Milan for the most important exhibition on the artist ever held

Books: The view from eastern Europe on restitution

These essays emanate from a series of Polish conferences

Nazi Loot Picasso case can proceed in California

Marilynn Alsdorf had hoped the case would be thrown out of court

War provenance art: a growing source of supply in the market

Christie’s follows Sotheby’s and appoints a director of restitution

Ukraine returns Koenigs’ drawings

But the 139 works go to Dutch State, not collector’s heirs

May 2004archive

The US finally unveils its Second World War memorial

It has taken almost 60 years to commemorate the 400,000 American soldiers who died in the conflict

Incoming Russian minister dismisses German restitution claims

Alexander Sokolov does not seem interested in returning looted art

Russian Minister on looted Baldin collection: “This collection should be returned and we will return it”

A legal loophole may enable the restitution to Germany of a collection taken to the USSR by a Soviet army officer in 1945

Maria Altmann's Holocaust restitution case against Austria will be heard by the US Supreme Court

An American citizen is claiming six Klimts from the Nationalgalerie in Vienna alleged to have been seized from her uncle by the Nazis and then unlawfully retained by Austria after the war

The Springfield Museum sues Knoedler over spoliated Bassano

Knoedler's poor provenance research led to the return of a $3 million painting to Italy

Weapons of mass dissemination: The propaganda of war on show at the Wolfsonian

Florida International University presents a brilliantly curated tour of the First and Second World Wars

Dutch government yields Nazi-looted 'NK collection'

Thousands of works in secret collection are now being claimed

What's On in New York: Brooklyn Museum of Art registers the interaction between design and technology; Giacometti's centenary at the MOMA

How apocalyptic crises in the twentieth century - the endgame - permeated the familiar and the practical


Austria can be sued in the US in claim that it forced Jew to give Klimts after World War II

Austria is not an adequate forum to resolve Nazi loot claim, says California federal court


Dealer Adam Williams on trial for selling Nazi war loot

The work was taken by the Nazis from the Schloss Collection

To see or not to see: Parisian exhibition documents the history of war photography

The Museum of Contemporary History provides historical explanations for why war photographers took the pictures that they did

Japan returns looted Paul Klee watercolour

A Kyoto museum has accepted “symbolic” payment for restituting a work of art