Soviet loot

Poland demands Russia return seven paintings it claims were looted during Second World War

Putin’s international cultural envoy, Mikhail Shvydkoy, says Poland’s request has no legal grounds

Ukraine returns Koenigs’ drawings

But the 139 works go to Dutch State, not collector’s heirs

The Duma overrides Yeltsin on law nationalising booty taken from Germany to the Soviet Union after World War II

Russian parliament voted last month to override President Yeltsin’s veto, putting him in a precarious political position


Ukraine returns war booty to Germany

This is in marked contrast to Russia’s tough line against any restitution of works of art taken from Nazi Germany

The Greeks on display in Venice and hidden war booty at the Hermitage

Palazzo Grassi's “Greeks in the West” exhibition is pulling in the visitors

Lost artarchive

Museums in Magdeburg and Leipzig publish lists of their missing art

Two museums in search of their history end up at the door of the Pushkin Museum

Looking at the findings of the “Spoils of War” conference

The meeting produced revelations, but little hope that the return of looted art will be eased

Archaeologists delighted as Schliemann's Trojan treasure becomes available for research

British scientists describe the new techniques which could be used to investigate the recently revealed gold and silver hoard

Looted artarchive

What future for the looted Krebs Collection?

Rumours of a Sotheby’s valuation have encouraged talk of auction

Looted artarchive

Where is the real Van Gogh’s “White House at Night”?

Fears are growing that the version in the St Petersburg is a replica

Restitution in Poland: Count recovers Leonardo’s “Lady with the Ermine” from the Communists and donates it to a foundation

Czartoryski Museum and Library converted into foundation with advice from London art dealer, Andrew Ciechanowiecki


Looted art publicly acknowledged by Soviet Minister of Culture

A commission will be set up at Gorbachev’s behest to look into cultural property removed to U.S.S.R.