State Russian Museum

What has happened to visitor numbers at Russian museums since the start of the war?

As Russia leaves the world cultural stage following its invasion of Ukraine, we look at how its art institutions have reacted

Visitor Figures 2021: the 100 most popular art museums in the world—but is Covid still taking its toll?

While attendance figures still have some way to go to reach pre-pandemic levels, fewer days of lockdown-related closures coupled with vaccine rollout programmes spelled good news for institutions around the world


State Russian Museum staff decry damage to antique picture frames

Petition to museum management raises alarm over frames in "critical condition" from improper storage

State Russian Museum refurbishment cancelled amid protests

The renovation threatened the museum's architecture and collection, plaintiffs argued

Staff at State Russian Museum take legal action to halt renovation

Senior employees claim the $17m project threatens the Mikhailovsky Palace building and its collections

Citing 'rapidly developing' ties, Russian fund will take art exhibition to Saudi Arabia

Announcement comes as evidence mounts in slaying of the dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi

Mogul and Russian culture ministry vie with museum for prized icon

Curators call on St Petersburg prosecutor to investigate "criminal expropriation" of the artefact

A failing Russian bank exposes a climate of fear and suspicion over ownership of Malevich’s “Black Square”

The painting is currently with Russia's Culture Ministry, though Malevich's heirs dispute the bank's original ownership

Malévich to be exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia

The exhibition will show just 42 pictures from the early 19th century, including “Black square on a white ground”