Tbilisi Art Fair

What do exiled Russian art world figures think of the war? We spoke to three in Tbilisi to find out

A museum director, theatre director and artist describe the lack of hope—and warn that cultural sanctions may cause the intelligentsia to unite against the west

Art fairsanalysis

Tbilisi Art Fair attempts to distance itself from Moscow politics

Amid the ongoing war in Ukraine, exhibitors at the third edition of Georgia's premier commercial art event hoped to dispel the idea that the nation "exists on the periphery of Russia”

Why the Tbilisi art fair should not be afraid of communist-period art

A successful second edition of the fair, with visits to houses and studios, and lots of collateral shows

Why I agreed to join the advisory board of the art fair in Georgia (no, not the southern US state)

It has art schools, tradition, a culturally rich catchment area, and a true-grit backer

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Can Tbilisi sustain an art market?

Georgian capital hosted its first art fair last week and new galleries are opening, but it is still early days