Tefaf Maastricht 2020

Tefaf Maastricht comes under fire as Covid-19 cases surge among the fair's attendees

Infected participants criticise fair’s decision to open in March as virus was spreading

In unprecedented move, Tefaf Maastricht shuts early due to coronavirus

Dutch fair will close tonight following news that an exhibitor has tested positive for the disease

Tefaf Maastricht exhibitor tests positive for coronavirus

Art dealer did not show any symptoms at the fair and was diagnosed in his home town on Monday

Dickinson sells €15m Van Gogh painting at Tefaf Maastricht—the highest value reported sale so far at the Dutch fair

Peasant Woman in front of a Farmhouse, once sold in a farmyard auction for £4, sold to a private collector

Fairs in a time of coronavirus: trepidation turns to relief at a quieter—but not disastrous—Tefaf Maastricht

It was touch and go as to whether the 33rd edition of the Dutch fair would go ahead, but so far most exhibitors seem relieved even if business is slower

The Tefaf Maastricht wish list: what to buy at this year's fair

A dazzling diamond tiara, a Rococo monkey teapot, a Van Gogh rescued from a farm sale and a saucy Greek vessel are among the highlights on the stands

Can you teach an Old Master fair new tricks?

While auction houses are more aggressive and newer works dominate the global market, Tefaf’s exhibitors remain resolute

Tefaf Maastricht: an expert's guide to three niche collecting areas

Delving into the arms and armour, contemporary ceramics and French design at this year's fair

Tefaf Maastricht will go ahead despite three exhibitors pulling out so far over coronavirus fears

Some US museum staff will apparently not attend the 33rd edition of the Dutch fair this week, while many galleries remain defiant in the face of a "tough" fair ahead

'Patrick van Maris is leaving Tefaf after five years: but has he left the fair in too much flux?'

In an increasingly competitive, mixed-category art fair environment, the president of the Dutch fair group made everyone apply each year

The €15m Van Gogh which was once sold in a farmyard auction for just £4

Now heading to Maastricht, the painting of a peasant cottage will be a highlight of the Tefaf fair

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