Prosecution seeks jail time and heavy fines for Paris museum thieves

The three men involved in the heist face seven to ten years for the disappearance of five masterpieces


Trial testimony reveals how one man walked off with five masterpieces worth €108m from a Paris museum

But professional burglar advises making sure you “have the resources” to pull off a similar heist “or drop the idea because it’s just too much of a headache”


Stolen Old Master paintings head back to Verona

Works by Tintoretto, Mantegna and Rubens were discovered in Ukraine

Police in Greece arrest 26 in bust of alleged antiquities smuggling ring

Investigators recovered more than 2,000 objects, mostly coins, that they say were offered for sale through auction houses


Anselm Kiefer’s studio robbed of 12 tonnes of raw marble and €1.3m lead sculpture

Two women apprehended while picking up scraps from the damaged work have been released

Stolen Salvador Dalí and Tamara de Lempicka works recovered

The two pieces were taken in 2009 from a Dutch museum during opening hours

Seventeen paintings stolen from Verona museum retrieved in Ukraine

Works by Tintoretto, Mantegna and Rubens were hidden in plastic bags near the Moldovan border


Warhol soup can screen prints stolen from Missouri museum

FBI and Interpol have been notified by local police who are investigating the theft of an undisclosed number of works at the Springfield Art Museum


‘Rathkeale Rovers’ gang jailed over £57m UK museums thefts

Much of the haul, which includes Chinese antiques and rhino horn, has probably ended up in China, making recovery unlikely


Centre Pompidou’s stolen Picasso goes back on show after 15 years

Painting was recovered in 2014 after interception by vigilant US customs officers


Italian police arrest 13 over €15m Verona museum theft

Suspects include museum’s security guard whose car was used as getaway vehicle


Criminal gang convicted of stealing antiquities and rhino horn from UK museums

The international burglary ring targeted objects for a growing Chinese black market

Statue stolen from Mussolini’s Roman villa to be returned

The work’s current owner voluntarily turned it over to authorities

Chelmsford Museum gold coin theft linked to national security alert

Museums across UK were warned about gang making “reconnaissance visits”

Two detained in Turkey over attempted sale of painting, claimed to be lost work by Van Dyck

The sellers told undercover police that they had bought the work from a gang in Georgia

Masterpieces stolen from Verona museum

Works by Tintoretto and Rubens among 17 pieces taken

UK museums on heightened alert against attacks

Arts Council England and the Scottish Council on Archives warn of increased theft danger


French national treasure recovered after 32 years

The 18th-century tapestry was pulled from a London auction and returned to its château in Normandy

Rodin sculpture stolen from Beverly Hills mansion returned after 24 years

Art worth more than $1m was looted after Swiss housekeeper sold duplicate key

Churches targeted in organised crime wave

Recovered artefacts include paintings, stained glass and carvings

Russborough House pulls Old Masters from Christie’s auction

Opposition from heritage groups changes the embattled foundation’s plans

Plot thickens in alleged Picasso theft case

In addition to two portraits of Jacqueline Picasso, more than 60 other works are believed to have gone missing from a storage facility in Paris suburb

Russian billionaire’s family trust joins Picasso heir in accusations against leading art dealer

Olivier Thomas is released from police custody, while Yves Bouvier denies all allegations

Dispute over 13th-century painting stolen by one of its owners has been resolved

Questions remain over authorship of panel that could be by Duccio


Insurance deal for £24 million stolen Turners

Museum buys back title to the pictures and keeps part of the insurance money