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Have price and value in the art market parted ways for good?

In the current climate, where a teenaged NFT artist can sell for $2.9m and Old Masters have fallen out of fashion, the fickle art market has become the presiding judge of aesthetic achievement

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Diamond skull will go to auction if it fails to sell, says Damien Hirst

"A number of interested individuals are looking to purchase the skull at its full price of $100m"

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Tribunal rules in favour of disclosing price of Conrad Shawcross piece

After initially refusing , the true price was eventually disclosed

Respected Pre-Colombian art dealers indicted over fraud

The Merrin brothers are accused of defrauding clients out of millions of dollars

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Dealers are the art world's real brains

Let us face facts. Before money changes hands, unfamiliar art is not studied because nobody thinks it is worthy of study

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Test your market savvy at the Courtauld's "The value of art"

The exhibition challenges you to decide which work of art is more valuable

New evidence shows painted Greek pottery would have been found in Poundland rather than at Plato's dinner table

Greek vases were incredibly cheap at the time, despite taking pride of place in our museums