Warburg Institute

London cultural research and collection centre

London’s Warburg Institute launches £14.5m expansion to revive the 'science of culture'

Research centre based on the library of German art historian Aby Warburg plans to open new public spaces in 2022


Warburg ‘safe’ after legal ruling

But University of London also claims victory—and costs could be up to £1m


Warburg Institute’s future is in court’s hands

Tension with the University of London has been growing


Books: The saviour of the Warburg Institute

Alongside Warburg, there was no room for Fritz Saxl to be anything other than his most faithful assistant


Books: How Warburg helped to invent the exhibition—and the curator

The art historian’s collected writings include an illuminating essay drawn from his dazzling, lengthy lectures


The Warburg Institute is fighting for its life as University of London cuts corners

The famous library founded by Aby Warburg for a special kind of research may lose its essential nature


New director for the Warburg Institute

Charles Hope is to succeed Nicholas Mann

Marion’s Medusas at the Warburg in London

Stancioff spent her life charting the use of the same visual symbols by vastly distant cultures

Ferrara pays homage to Aby Warburg

Palazzo Schifanoia displays archive material from the Warburg Institute to commemorate her work


Obituary for Edward Warburg

The patron of the arts died aged 84

The Warburg Institute: A Personal Memoir

In 1933 Nazism, drove a band of original and profound scholars to settle in Britain. Out of these elements grew the world famous Institute, whose approach to the past has incomparably enriched the understanding of art. Will the 1990s see this living intellectual force stifled by British government meanness and philistinism?