Wolfgang Beltracchi

Art marketinterview

Notorious forger Wolfgang Beltracchi on ethics, the art market and how to make a great fake

Now painting under his own name, Beltracchi's works are part of a selling exhibition currently touring Europe


How the detection of titanium white gave away Beltracchi

The pigment proved Beltracchi's version was inauthentic, since it was not in use at the time that the original was painted

Beltracchi admits to faking the work of an estimated 50 artists in German interview

In 2011, he was given six years jail time for what was then understood to be a much smaller number of reproductions

Number of Beltracchi fakes keeps on rising

Fortunately for the German art forger, he has fled the country and therefore cannot be investigated

True scale of alleged Beltracchi forgeries revealed

Major auction houses and galleries have been caught up in the fake art scam


Four to go on trial in German “Werner Jäger” forgery case

Wolfgang Beltracchi, his wife Helene, her sister Jeanette, and Otto Schulte-Kellinghaus stand accused of selling high quality forgeries