Native American

Contemporary art

Native American artist Brent Learned collaborates on first official music video for Redbone's 1970s pop-rock hit

The "Come and Get Your Love" short film is the first release in a new Sony Legacy project that will tap contemporary artists to create videos for classic tunes


California may grant repatriation rights to unrecognised Native American tribes

A new state bill expands federal rights for Indigenous groups to reclaim human remains, burial objects and other sacred artefacts from institutions


Tribal leaders and organisations call for the removal of Mount Rushmore monument

Leaders argue that Trump's plan for a rally there is an "unforgivable affront"

Native American

President Trump blows up Native American grave site for his border wall

“Sacrilegious” act on Unesco-recognised site in Arizona which contains remains of Indigenous peoples


The Big Review: Kent Monkman at the Met

The latest commission for the Met's Great Hall continues the New York institution's upending of the colonial-settler narrative of American history


Mural in Santa Fe underscores violence against Indigenous women

The work holds weight in New Mexico, which has the highest rate of violent crimes against Native American women in the US

Minneapolis Institute of Art

Native American women artists finally get their due in new Minneapolis exhibition

Show at Minneapolis Institute of Art includes previously unknown triptychs by the Dakota Sioux artist Mary Sully


FBI launches campaign to return haul of Native and South American works

Thousands of illegally removed items—including human bones—were discovered on collector’s farm

Art market

New York Americana week report: High prices for Colonial, Federal and Native American wares

Collectors seek top antiques in a market with a dwindling supply


Books: Analysis of the 1990 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act a self-righteous attack on the temple

Essays explore US museums’ responsibilities to religious groups

Winter Antiques Show

New York's Winter Antiques Show offers insight into the collecting trends, prices and the general health of the art market

The show will exhibit colonial and European furniture, girlhood embroidery, Native American pieces, and folk art

Cultural policy

From primitive to art back to ethnology: too much zeal, says leading collector

Eugene Victor Thaw on the transformation of tribal art


“I still believe in the hand of the artist”: Interview with collector Eugene Thaw

The connoisseur, dealer, collector and patron of the Morgan Library discusses the importance of emotional impact, and how the art market has transformed since the start of his career