Art Basel Hong Kong 2018

Artists shortlisted for 2018 BMW Art Journey

Astha Butail, the winner of last year's prize, is previewing her upcoming project at Art Basel Hong Kong

Ali Kazim at Jhaveri Contemporary gallery, part of the Art Basel Hong Kong’s Discoveries section Courtesy of Art Basel

Three artists have been shortlisted for this year's BMW Art Journey, selected from Art Basel Hong Kong's Discoveries section dedicated to emerging artists. The list includes the Los Angeles-based artist Gala Porras-Kim (Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles); Ali Kazim, who lives and works in Lahore, Pakistan (Jhaveri Contemporary, Mumbai); and the Berlin-based artist Zac Langdon-Pole (Michael Lett, Auckland, New Zealand). Each artist will be invited to submit a proposal for an artistic project that involves a journey to anywhere in the world.

The 2017 winner Astha Butail is previewing her upcoming project In the Absence of Writing—for which she is travelling to Iran, Israel, the UK and India to record traditions that are passed down through teaching and oral poetry—at the BMW lounge in the fair. The winner of the 2018 prize will be announced early this summer.

Appeared in Art Basel in Hong Kong 2018, 2018