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A brush with... Doris Salcedo

An in-depth podcast conversation on the artist's big influences, from Joseph Beuys to Paul Celan

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Doris Salcedo Photo: David Heald. Courtesy the artist and White Cube

In this episode of A brush with..., we speak to Doris Salcedo about her life and work through the artists she most admires, the writers she returns to and the music she listens to.

She recalls her epiphany when confronted with the works of Francisco de Goya, and how his empathy with the victims of war and violence prompted her own aim to give voice to the voiceless in the Colombian civil war and beyond. She talks about the influence of Paul Celan's poetry, which she quotes directly in her Unland series. She describes how Joseph Beuys's public sculpture gave her an example of a sensitivity to place that she has employed in her many memorable public works.

Plus, she reveals a secret to her studio life that she has never shown in public and answers our usual questions: if you could live with just one work of art, what would it be? And what is art for?

A brush with… series 3 runs from 24 March-14 April 2021, with episodes released on Wednesdays. You can download and subscribe to the podcast here. This episode is sponsored by Cork Street Galleries.