Brexit: how will it change the art market?

Plus, Neville Wakefield on John McCracken's planks

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Deal or no deal? We look at what Brexit means for the art market Photo: Fred Moon/Unsplash

The Brexit deadline is imminent and the UK and the European Union are desperately seeking an agreement. But what are the implications either way for the art trade? We asked the writer and art market specialist Ivan Macquisten and former Conservative MEP and current chief executive of the British Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, Daniel Dalton.

John McCracken's Untitled (2008) Private Collection, Belgium. Courtesy of Almine Rech

And for this episode’s Work of the Week, the curator Neville Wakefield tells us about the planks made by John McCracken, who’s suddenly gained a new audience because he was initially rumoured to be the artist behind that shiny monolith in the Utah desert.

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