The fight against Putin: artists on the frontline

Plus, India reconstructs its history and Navid Nuur on Walter de Maria

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Russia is witnessing its biggest protests in a decade—and artist-activists are leading it Photo: zharkoy_k

On this week's podcast: the artist-activists at the heart of Russia’s biggest protests in a decade and how the Indian government is using heritage and museums to re-write the history of the country.

We talk to Lölja Nordic, an artist, DJ and activist in Saint Petersburg, who appeared in a video released this week by Pussy Riot, Russia’s most famous cultural activists, in support of "political prisoners" arrested in the protests across Russia.

The proposal for a newly designed Central Vista of government buildings in Delhi Rendering: HCP Designs

And we talk to the academic Sarover Zaidi about the Indian government's approach to the country's heritage.

In this episode’s Work of the Week, the artist Navid Nuur talks about Walter De Maria’s New York Earth Room (1977). The exhibition Navid Nuur: Apart from the Secret that it Holds is on view online with Max Hetzler gallery.

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