John Wonnacott

Wonnacott's big week: while one painting by the artist has been sold to the Tate, another has been commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery

Wonnacott's portrait of John Major is on view at Agnew's

Agnews have sold a painting by John Wonnacott, a champion of realist painting, to the Tate Gallery; the Metropolitan Museum, New York, acquired an example of his work three years ago.

Wonnacott has also been chosen recently by the National Portrait Gallery to paint John Major. He was commissioned by the National Trust to record the eery untouched landscape of Orfordness, a ravishing tract of coastline too dangerous to visit for thirty years after a nuclear research centre closed down there in 1961. The Tate’s picture, “Night time studio with three friends”, will be on show at Agnews, 43 Old Bond Street in an exhibition of John Wonnacott’s recent work, 6 November-6 December

A proper painting for the Tate