Nicholas Serota



An acerbic but highly readable view of the British art world

The critic and former curator Julian Spalding holds forth on his dislike of conceptual art and his love for Beryl Cook


Nicholas Serota: The great transformer

The Tate director knew Tate Modern would need to expand before it even opened. It has happened sooner than expected

Nazi lootarchive

Tate’s director criticises government report on Nazi loot

Nicholas Serota says the document, which recommends the restitution of a Constable from the gallery’s collection, contains multiple inaccuracies

Nicholas Serota discusses an international outlook and Tate’s new worldwide web

Developing a global reach is just as important for major cultural institutions as it is for big businesses

Collectors' gift of Hockney and Freud to the Tate honours its director

Mercedes and Ian Stoutzker have conferred an exceedingly generous donation on the gallery


Interview with Nicholas Serota: The importance of curating Gerhard Richter

The latest exhibition he has curated opened just last week at Tate Modern, “Gerhard Richter: Panorama”


Serota on a sustainable future for museums: why Tate needs to change in a changing world

Moving on from traditional didacticism and adapting to a new level of modern communication

Building a museum powerhouse: A timeline of the Tate Modern

After a decade of acclaim, will its success be topped by Tate Modern 2?


Tate to sell Muñoz staircase

For a work to be deaccessioned from the Tate is rare but permitted, in this case as a step toward upgrading the national collection

Is this a Holbein? The market will decide at Maastricht next month

Tate director Sir Nicholas Serota says no, but the director of the Berlin Gemäldegalerie, among others, believes it is

Tate Modern hopes to expand by half by 2011

The museum has announced an ambitious development project which could cost up to £135 million


Tate refused previous offer from Saatchi

Serota said no to 100 works in 1998, but is still keen to buy “major” pieces


Tate, London: Contemporary art badly needed

Tate director Nicholas Serota has spoken out about the challenges facing the gallery on acquisitions


Did Tate miss its chance to get the Saatchi Collection?

The greatest contemporary art collector in Britain says he was ready to offer all his art to gallery director Nicholas Serota—but his proposal was not pursued

Tate considers selling art

Trustees will look at whether the museum should “upgrade” works by living artists

Tate director, Nicholas Serota: Recent art is patrimony too

Serota discusses export laws and what is truly significant to public collections


Tate poaches director of Van Abbemuseum

John Debbaut joins Nicholas Serota at Tate

In defence of Tate: Gainsborough acquisitions

Tate Director Nicholas Serota comments on recent criticism


Hara Museum of Contemporary Art: A great private enterprise

Aristocrat Toshio Hara is admired by museum directors, such as Nick Serota of the Tate, for his contemporary art museum


The Tate in 1971.Nick Serota resigns!

The Art Newspaper has uncovered a forgotten episode in which the young Serota clashed with the trustees of the Tate over the Young Friends’ exhibitions

Giles Waterfield finds the new mixed hang at Tate Britain unhelpful and bullying

This new curatorial direction suggests museum just a plaything for the staff

Vast Bourgeois for the new Tate as the first of five commissions

Steel sculpture set for the new Tate Modern Turbine Hall


Tate Gallery: All for one, and one for all

A radical new organisation has been created by director Nicholas Serota We interview the man he has chosen to lead the future Tate Gallery of British Art


Tate makes space for the cutting edge as 'Art Now' opens for contemporary art

An installation by Matthew Barney inaugurates a programme of innovative contemporary art long planned by Serota


Tate Gallery perseveres with rotating the collections in face of mounting criticism

New antagonism for New Displays as visitor figures drop in London