Final effort for Tate to save Reynolds’ Archers

The Tate continues to fiercely pursue their fundraising campaign in the hopes that this great work may remain in the UK

The Tate has until 6 September to complete its fundraising to buy the £3.2 million Reynolds painting of The Archers. Its campaign received a major boost on 20 July, when the National Heritage Memorial Fund offered a grant of £1.6 million. Tate Members have pledged £500,000 and the National Art Collections Fund £400,000. This leaves £700,000 to raise before the export licence deferral expires, with a third deferral extending the period to 6 September (The Art Newspaper, No. 156, p.23; No. 158, p.30). Meanwhile, the painting is on loan to Tate Britain’s Reynolds exhibition, which runs until 18 September.