Rebecca Warren has her first US solo exhibition

Donald Young Gallery, Chicago

Some YBAs like Damien Hirst and Sarah Lucas are well known in the US, but Rebecca Warren’s work has been shown less frequently. With her first US solo exhibition, at Donald Young Gallery (until 8 November), it seems her moment has finally arrived. Long before her inclusion in the Saatchi Gallery’s 2001 exhibition “New Labour”, where her work was placed alongside other hand-crafted work by the likes of Grayson Perry, D.J. Simpson and Martin Maloney, Warren had become known in the UK for her roughly hewn clay sculptures. Charles Saatchi has become an avid collector of her work, and, in fact, bought out her show at London’s Maureen Paley Interim Art this past summer. Entitled “She”, the show consisted of a series of hefty female figures mounted on wheeled pedestals. On show here is a new group of unfired clay sculptures. Her sculpture has become somewhat more figurative lately, with a rough, worked quality.