Charles Saatchi

Thatcher and tampons: How Tracey Emin came to sell her unmade bed to Charles Saatchi

British artist says she had previously refused to sell her work to the YBA collector after his ad campaign rocketed Margaret Thatcher to power in 1979

Keeping it in the family: Charles Saatchi’s daughter to open huge London gallery

Phoebe Saatchi Yates has collaborated with her husband and father to launch 10,000 sq ft Mayfair gallery focused on “unknown” artists

Saatchi Gallery exhibits London’s graduate artists deprived of degree shows

The exhibition forms part of the education programme at the collector’s gallery which has now ‘transitioned into a charity’


Books: Two books explore newer ways of seeing the world (and art) with varying degrees of success

Where Ossian Ward provides a handy guide, Charles Saatchi fails to impress

Saatchi to sell Tracey Emin’s bed

Collector hopes for a king-sized return

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The debate regarding the relevancy of the Young British Artists as they enter middle age

Charles Saatchi, the comeback king: New Chelsea gallery a definitive success

Attendance figures for the the Saatchi Gallery exceed their 1 million visitor goal


Saatchi purchase makes collector Howard Faber think again

$6m from sale of Chinese paintings, including a Zeng Fanzhi, encourages him to review his remaining collection

Charles Saatchi’s art to go on rotating display at Hermitage

Works on loan from the British collector will go on display in a room named after him; Tate to send Turner Prize retrospective to Moscow


1.3 billion Chinese people, but still not many substantial collectors of Chinese contemporary art

Here are the best known: one Swiss, one Chinese, one Belgian, three American and one British

Interview with Sean Scully: Bringing sex to the minimalist grid

After 25 years, the Irish artist is still going strong, subjecting his paintings to “tough love” and steering away from nostalgia

Charles Saatchi rents out his art

Charges range from £7,000 a year for five works to £20,000 for twenty works


Revealed: where the Sensation art is now

We name the collectors who have bought works from the show

Damien Hirst in talks to replace rotting shark

The 1991 work, bought by Steve Cohen from Charles Saatchi for £6.5m, has deteriorated because of the way it was made

Is there an ongoing American Renaissance in contemporary art?

Spotlight shifts from German artists to their US counterparts as Saatchi, Rubells and others mount exhibitions of their work

Art marketarchive

Renewed interest in American art marks the beginning of the so-called 'American Renaissance'

Galleries across the world are featuring growing numbers of pieces by American artists

Saatchi evicted from County Hall

The British collector has lost the case over his lease on the riverfront space

Charles Saatchi to move his gallery to Chelsea

The announcement comes as the collector and his Japanese landlord face one another in court

Artists sue Momart for £20 million

Solicitors say premises were “a disaster waiting to happen”

Leon Golub is still getting to the real at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

Charles Saatchi and Eli Broad both collect him, but only 13 US museums have examples of this artistic rebel’s work