Vanity Fair photographer Todd Eberle to capture action at European art fairs

Attendees could find themselves in front of too candid a camera

If you were planning a spot of bad behaviour in Basel this year, or if you have already been playing away at the Venice Biennale then reader, beware. Not only are the eyes and ears of The Art Newspaper all around, but there’s also the risk of being caught in the viewfinder of top-notch snapper Todd Eberle. The Vanity Fair fashion photographer has already taken over 3,000 pictures of the art world in action (and passion) along the Venice Biennale-Art Basel trail, and plans to publish a book of his findings under the (still tentative) title of “Art World Kisses”. However, Mr Eberle may find it considerably more lucrative to invite cash inducements not to publish what he has seen.

Originally appeared in The Art Newspaper Art Basel Daily as 'Possibly too candid a camera at Art Basel'