Charlotte Gere

Influential then, forgotten since, remembered again: on Nino Costa

The influential “Etruscan” painter and Risorgimento patriot deserves our recognition


Bluestockings and botany

Horticultural art of the 18th century owes much to the aristocratic female garden-makers who were at the centre of Georgian society


Fleur pouvoir

French 19th-century flower painting gets a long overdue accolade


Book Review: Ford Madox Brown’s moment

This catalogue is the first comprehensive examination of the pre-Raphaelite artist’s career for half a century


Book Review: A decade of change between the Pre-Raphaelites and the Aesthetic movement

An excellently wrought assessment of the cast of characters that defined the mid-19th century

Swann advocates African-American art in new sale

Auction house combines blue-chip works and those priced to entice new collectors

Art Basel Miami Beach banks on the tried and tested

Established artists first to sell as collectors take their time over emerging talents

Books: The cautionary tale of America’s other “Leonardo”

The painting that still languishes in a vault, despite nearly a century of squabbling


A story of politics and class in a new biography of Henry Cole

An exhaustive treatment of the man behind the Great Exhibition, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Prince Albert and much, much more

The story of a style journey in the V&A's British galleries

The book that accompanies the newly opened British galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum reveals the extraordinary richness of the museum’s collections

The story of a style journey at the Victoria & Albert

The book that accompanies the newly opened British galleries at the Victoria and Albert Museum reveals the extraordinary richness and diversity of the museum’s collections

Queen Victoria’s Centenary at the Victoria and Albert Museum: Conspicuous by her absence

A weak exhibition that attempts to survey the Victorian legacy is partially redeemed by the accompanying book

Gardening and art at the National Portrait Gallery

Women’s studies blended with the media biography and botanical illustration

Gilded Agearchive

A charmed couple: the art and life of Walter and Matilda Gay

A celebration of the Gilded Age couple famed for their taste and refinement


William R. Johnston, William and Henry Walters, the reticent collectors

A compelling biography of the father and son who founded the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore


The Victoria and Albert Museum. The great Kensington Kunstkammer

The museum and the Great Exhibition from which it derives are the subject of five new books


The lives of the collectors: J. Pierpont Morgan. Everything but the art

This blockbuster biography records the life of the American financier in exhaustive and exhausting detail, but fails to tell the story of his collecting


Lives of collectors: a faux Frick biography

This biography of Henry Clay Frick takes a psychological approach that leaves much to be desired


Janet Myles, L.N. Cottingham, 1787-1874: architect of the Gothic Revival

Restoring a pioneer of the Gothic Revival to his rightful position

Interior architecture: a domestic model for intellectuals

Designers Carl and Karin Larsson were creators of Swedish style, at present much featured in the glossies


Books: Pugin’s Gothic genius

Two books accompanying recent museum shows