Cristina Ruiz

Fierce debate over Christoph Büchel's Venice Biennale display of boat that sank with hundreds locked in hull

Up to 1,100 may have died on board the fishing vessel; critics say its display is grossly insensitive at best while others describe it as a powerful reminder of exploitation

We've chosen the best of the art in Venice, now here's the worst

We’ve seen a lot of exhibitions in the city so you don’t have to

Three exhibitions to see in Venice this weekend

From Tuymans's Third Reich paintings, to Kounellis's poor materials, there's more to see in the city than the Venice Biennale

Exhibitions during the Venice Biennale: a festival of painting

Among the many official “collateral” exhibitions connected to the Biennale and independently organised shows, painting is noticeably abundant

Artists protest Tate decision to resume ties with Anthony d’Offay

Over 35 artists and curators have signed an open letter to the institution asking it to reveal details of its investigations into allegations of sexual harassment made against the retired dealer


Battle over Bannon’s nationalist bootcamp in Italian monastery

Protests against the right-wing group’s takeover of a 13th-century cloister are growing

France launches international architecture competition to rebuild Notre Dame's collapsed spire

French Prime Minister wants to crown the building with a “spire adapted to the techniques and challenges of our times”

Notre Dame benefits from the battle of the billionaires

Competitive philanthropy can help save France’s flagship cathedral

Luc Tuymansinterview

Luc Tuymans: ‘People are becoming more and more stupid, insanely stupid’

As a major new exhibition of his work opens in Venice, the Belgian painter explains how painting can help us confront our own ignorance

Sackler Trust charity in UK suspends all new gifts

The move is a “face-saving” measure says US photographer and activist Nan Goldin

Collectors pledge support for contemporary art in Italy

Private spaces throughout the country are uniting to host a joint show in the face of government funding cuts

'We want Salvator Mundi' for Leonardo blockbuster, Louvre says

Claims that it had "cancelled plans" to show the work are "fake information", the museum says

Monty Python snub 'pretentious' Victoria and Albert Museum

Comedy troupe was planning a show at the institution but clashed over the title

Enigmatic Gino De Dominicis subject of complex fakes investigation in Italy

Market for Italian artist’s works slows as police investigation into alleged forgeries scares off some collectors

Italy blocks Leonardo loans for Louvre anniversary show

Populist government says sending paintings to French museum would put Italy 'on the margins of a great cultural event'

Heart-stopping: man has heart attack in front of Botticelli

Another tourist had an epileptic fit in front of the artist's Venus in 2016

DR Congo to request restitution of works from former coloniser Belgium

Country's president Joseph Kabila made the announcement ahead of opening of revamped Africa Museum outside Brussels

Bangkok’s first biennial is a blissed-out affair

Artists from 33 countries explore theme of happiness at event with works shown in galleries, temples, shopping malls and hotels

Three exhibitions to see in London this weekend

From Anni Albers' textile masterclass at Tate Modern, to an exploration of artist couples at the Barbican

Rachel Maclean: Brexit wrapped up in cotton candy

The Scottish video artist throws visitors into a post-Brexit apocalypse at London’s Zabludowicz Collection

Mantegna and Bellini go head-to-head in show exploring how they influenced each other’s work

Exhibition at London's National Gallery will compare the early Renaissance artists who were brothers-in-law

'This was no accident', says architect Renzo Piano about Genoa bridge collapse

Italy lacks effective site diagnosis, he tells Italian newspaper La Repubblica

Unpaid invoices, vetting issues and bad marketing: dealers call out ‘mismanaged’ Bahrain fair

Despite a group of exhibitors describing Art Bahrain Across Borders as disappointing, royal patron says event will continue

Will museums stop accepting Sackler money in wake of Massachusetts lawsuit?

Eight members of the family are being sued for helping to fuel the opioid epidemic through their pharmaceutical company


Top experts dispute Italian police claims about seized ‘antiquities’

“I cannot imagine where a terracotta life-size horse head could come from in antiquity,” a specialist says

Return Persian antiquity to Iran, New York district attorney says

The dealer it was seized from knew it was stolen, a motion filed with the State’s supreme court alleges. The dealer categorically denies this

Royal Academy launches new £34,000 postgraduate course. But who can afford it?

The institution is entering the lucrative world of branded education

Top Italian museum director faces trial over gym visits

The director of the Galleria Borghese in Rome has been suspended without pay for leaving the office

Norval Foundation near Cape Town opens months after launch of city's Zeitz museum

Staff from Africa's first mega museum have defected to the new private institution


Chinese antiquities stolen in raid on Bath museum

Haul includes precious gold and jade artefacts, which police say may have been stolen to order