Cristina Ruiz


British art teacher wins $1m prize

In accepting the award, Andria Zafirakou asked for more support for the “power of the arts” in schools, particularly in poor communities

Getting to know the real Tintoretto

A string of exhibitions celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Venetian master’s birth will help to bring him back into favour

Case dismissed: France's highest court rules in favour of Guggenheim foundation

The judgment ends a lengthy legal battle between the heirs of Peggy Guggenheim and the US organisation

Elon Musks's Telsa Roadster: Is it art? Or is it ‘garbage in space’?

The entrepreneur has begun implementing his plan to colonise Mars and make us a “multi-planetary species”

Cristina Ruiz. , additional reporting by Alec Evans

The Vatican to host major Andy Warhol exhibition

Show will 'explore the artist's spiritual side' with Last Supper series and skull silkscreens

Insiders’ tips: what not to miss at Art Basel in Miami Beach

We asked curators, directors and collectors to tell us about the works that stopped them in their tracks

Collector Jorge Pérez accuses Miami-Dade County of slashing museum’s funding as 'punishment' for Cuban art show

Funds promised to Pérez Art Museum Miami were allocated to American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora instead

Was a 'double-bind guarantee' behind the $450m Leonardo sale?

Rumour mill has gone into overdrive over record-breaking auction

Business as usual for museums funded by Sackler opioid money?

Beneficiaries of the family’s largesse deflect or ignore questions about the donors’ role in the drugs epidemic sweeping the US


Podcast episode eight: how hackers are attacking the art world

Galleries are losing huge sums to cybercrime, what makes them vulnerable? Plus: the dubious restoration along the Camino di Santiago.


Galleries hit by cyber crime wave

Hackers are using an email scam to intercept payments between galleries, collectors and others

Marina Abramovic abandons plans for New York institute

Performance artist unable to raise $31m required for Koolhaas design


Encore! Tate’s New Performance plan

Artists like Marvin Gaye Chetwynd have prompted a rethink in the Tate’s approach to live art

The market boom for Basquiat

A year after his death, MoMA turned down an offer of the artist’s work. Today, the appetite for his paintings has never been greater


Podcast episode two: Zeitz Mocaa and London autumn preview

The lowdown on the new Thomas Heatherwick-designed museum in Cape Town. Plus: London's most enticing shows this autumn

Hosted by Ben Luke, Cristina Ruiz and Jane Morris. , produced by Julia Michalska and David Clack

Inside Zeitz Mocaa: our guide to Cape Town’s new mega-museum

From spectacular architecture to an army of curators, what you need to know about Africa’s landmark contemporary art institution

Iñárritu's VR project brings terrifying experiences of migrants and refugees to life

Oscar-winning director, whose work opens at Milan's Fondazione Prada this week, says it's reductive to call it anti-Trump

The road to the Venice Biennale is paved with good intentions

Curator Christine Macel’s worthy aims of saving the planet and helping refugees has seriously backfired

Kenya works a miracle to bring its exhibition to the Venice Biennale

Pavilion organisers put on a show despite receiving no government money

Damien Hirst turns film-maker for Venice show

Artist's new documentary tells story of his underwater exhibition at Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana

Nitsch performance using slaughtered bull to go ahead in Tasmania

A petition launched by an animal rights group to block the work has attracted 20,000 signatures

Peggy Guggenheim's great-grandchildren say New York exhibition violates her legacy

Row follows long-running legal dispute between the Guggenheim Foundation and the collector's descendants

Storm erupts over Nitsch’s bull slaughter at Tasmanian museum

Campaigners demand axing of performance by Actionist at MONA's Dark Mofo festival

Kentridge opens Johannesburg space for artists to learn by failing

The independent Centre for the Less Good Idea aims to stay small and be creative

Damien Hirst launches shipwreck spectacle in Venice

British artist's monumental sculptures fill François Pinault’s museums

Guggenheim Abu Dhabi should be postponed or downsized, says the man who launched the project

Thomas Krens doubts the time is right for an American museum "with a Jewish name" to be built in the Gulf

‘We want to bring the world to Hong Kong’

Suhanya Raffel, who took over as head of M+ late last year, pledges to champion the museum’s curatorial independence

Former Met curator speaks candidly about the New York museum's current challenges

George Goldner, who led the museum’s department of prints and drawings for two decades, says it needs to reassess its priorities

Ibrahim Mahama presents a portrait of Ghana told through its objects

Ghanaian artist’s first exhibition at White Cube in London opens tonight